Where to download Legends of Runeterra – PC and Android

Finally, the expected launch of Legends of Runeterra has arrived, the new bet of Riot Games to compete with Hearthstone and give its followers a totally new experience. Here we tell you where to download Legends of Runeterra .

As you know, we are facing a video game of the card genre, that is, turn-based strategy. Of course, the most striking thing is that is set in the world of League of Legends and that surely attracts the attention of all fans of this popular title.

And well, now we have to go to the doubt that you possibly have in mind. How do I download Legends of Runeterra? Currently the video game is only available for PC, so you will have to download it directly from your computer and enjoy the Open Beta that is currently available (January 25, 2020).

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Download and play Legends of Runeterra

The opening of this Beta Phase began to all players pre-registered on the 23rd and it was extended to the general public 24 hours later . You will no longer have to wait for emails or invitations, but simply enter the following link and configure both your region and your language.

Once you have done the above, look for the download button and install Legends of Runeterra (LoR, as you are known) and start enjoying. What we recommend in case it is your first foray, is that you complete all the tutorials and subsequently dare to play with other players.

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A good way to increase your number of cards and start building your custom decks will be to overcome the missions and enter the so-called Expeditions. Here you can move forward and start polishing your strategies.

Regarding the download on Android or iOS , at the moment the information that exists is limited. According to official sources, Legends of Runeterra will be available on mobile devices when the official version of the video game is released, so there is not much hope for the moment.

However, you can register before search for the video game in the Store and trust that at some point the thing changes course.

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