Patch Notes – Legends of Runeterra Beta Open

After a few months of testing in Closed Beta , we finally got the chance to play Legends of Runeterra to all players.

Regardless of whether you are a fan of League of Legends who wants to discover this new facet of his favorite characters, or if you have come from Hearthstone to see how this new title is, we have information that will be a lot useful for you

It is clear that during the initial tests conclusions were reached and it is for this reason that Riot Games has released a specific patch for the beginning of this much more massive experience and close to the official premiere of the video game.

If you’re not aware, here are the Legends of Runeterra Open Beta patch notes .

Economy update

  • We have restarted all accounts and eliminated all the progress made during trial versions. This is the last restart we will do. Everything you get after the start of the open beta will be yours forever.
  • We have updated the prices of the currencies and the purchasing power they grant so that they adapt to the standards of the Play Store and the App Store. During the trial versions, we used prices similar to those of the RPs in League of Legends on a provisional basis, but now that we know that LoR will be released for mobile this year, we have had to establish our own and unique pricing structure. When designing this structure, we also review the relationships between prices at the regional level (specifically, we analyze the differences between countries in the same region). This means that the magnitude of these adjustments depends significantly on your local currency. Some you will find very similar prices (in the case of the euro and the dollar), while others will see that they have increased (Turkish lira, Brazilian real) or decreased (Japanese yen).
    • Important note: If you have purchased coins during trial versions, know that we have removed all content purchased with them and returned the corresponding amount of coins. The total amount of coins has changed, but you will have at least the same purchasing power as before (prices have also changed).
  • We have adjusted the value of the fragments to preserve the 10-1 value relationship between coins and fragments. In addition, we have slightly modified the relative values ​​of the fragments (for example, the fourth rare and epic copies are worth a little more; and the common ones, somewhat less).
  • In this regard, we have changed the prices in fragments and currencies of the content to adapt them to the changes explained above (common jokers, for example, are now somewhat cheaper, while epics cost more). </ li>
  • The cash rewards, expeditions, prologue and chests in general have been updated. A large part of these changes have to do with the updates to the economy, but we also want the expeditions to be more accessible, so we have added an expedition record to the level 10 boxes and we have increased the proportional amount of fragments obtained on expeditions.
  • We have updated the rewards of EXP to help you progress without having to spend your life playing. Now you will get a bonus for the first X wins of the day and you will get more EXP when you lose. On the other hand, once you have exceeded a certain amount of hours played in a single day, you will get less EXP.


  • The sort queue has been activated.
  • The beta season, the first LoR qualifying season, starts with the open beta.

List of friends, chat and challenges

  • The friends list has been added.
    • It’s multi-game: you can see if your friends are playing LoL or LoR.
  • Friends chat has been added.
  • The friendly challenge option has been added.
  • The social panel is still in development, so don’t be surprised if you have any other problems at the beginning. Here you have a list of the most relevant known errors, which we plan to solve in an update that will arrive in two weeks:
    • It may take longer for the account to add or remove names from the blocked player list.
  • You will not receive notifications of unread messages that have reached you while you were disconnected.
  • Notifications of messages received in active conversations take a while to disappear.
  • Sometimes, the client may stop respondingOnder upon receiving or accepting a friendly challenge if you are performing more actions at once (such as opening rewards, signing up for expeditions, etc.). Log in again to fix it.

Boards and guardians

  • The collection tab has been added, from which you can unlock and manage dashboards and guardians.
  • The equipment feature for boards and guardians has been added to all game modes.
  • Six new boards inspired by the regions.
    • The Hall of Valor
  • Righteous Arena
  • Top of the Children of Ice
  • Cliff Monastery
  • Hextech Laboratory
  • Damn Ruins
  • Three new guardians
    • T-Hex
  • Junior Gromp
  • Scaled dinosaur

Visual issues, minor adjustments and clarity

  • Updated visual effects
    • Heimerdinger’s leveling effects have been updated.
  • Now Deadly super rocket! it takes less time to take effect.
  • “Play” → “Summon” (now you can clone, resurrect, etc.).
    • General of the legion
  • Elder of Greenglade
  • Now it takes effect when the target does not die (as with Tryndamere). Keep making a hiss if the target is removed.
    • Vestige of the Hereafter
  • Atrocity
  • Ethereal transmitter
  • Now you can play with the board full of units.
    • Navori Conspirator
  • Ravenous Butcher
  • Ancestral Crocolito
  • Now requires a free unit space.
    • Possession
  • Prepare the attack [On the attack] (keyword)
    • Katarina (level 2)
  • Lucian (level 2)
  • Relentless Pursuit
  • Lucian’s relentless persecution
  • Lightning speed
  • Tianna Crownguard
  • Garen (level 2)

Now you take a break in the rounds in which you already have an attack token.

  • Updated text to improve clarity.
    • Shark Quadriga
  • Flame bearer (we have also modified their statistics, you have them above)
  • Rare change
    • Extensive avant-garde goes from being rare to common.

Attack and initiative icons

  • The initiative icons (a shield and a swapping sword) have been removed from the board. A new indicator will now appear under the attack tab.
  • The visual effects of the attack token have been updated (next to the mana indicator and the button), which now also indicates the initiative of the round.

Visibility of champions

  • Champions ceremony before the game:
    • Now the champions of each player’s deck will appear in their banner during the queue, and you will be able to see your rival’s when you match them.
  • Now, just before the mulligan, the champions and regions of both decks will be shown.
  • The deck inspection function allows you to click on the portrait of a champion to see the text of his card and the associated cards.
  • Pop-up windows in the deck when progressing in the level-up condition:
    • Champs that can progress from the deck (such as Ezreal or Hecarim) will activate pop-up messages to warn both players that they are approaching the level up.
  • To avoid revealing information, these messages will appear regardless of copies of a champion left in the deck.


  • RAM consumption has been improved.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added:
    • Spacebar: the button
  • A: attack with all / cancel attack of all
  • Esc: open options menu
  • Local time zones have been added.
    • The missions and mission change options, the unlockable contents of the box and the availability of the expeditions are now updated according to the local time of the region in which you are playing (instead of always doing it at the same global time ).
  • Expeditions:
    • Archetypes have been adjusted.
  • The selection logic of exchanges has been improved.
  • The tutorial has been improved.
    • Several letters have been updated.
  • Optional tutorials have been reorganized to improve the pace (thanks, day9!).

Known Issues

  • Buying cards with wild cards or fragments does not visually update your wild card or fragment counter, but the total real is correct. We will fix this error in the next update in less than two weeks. Until then, changing the page within the client (for example, going back to the deck menu and re-entering the deck maker) will cause the correct total to be displayed.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the cash rewards to be claimed.
  • Now the contents of the box can be claimed immediately if you are in game when the timer runs out; you will not have to log in again.
  • Fixed a bug that caused that sometimes the tests of an expedition could not be completed after obtaining seven victories.
  • Fixed a rare error that caused players to lose their deck list after a game.
  • Tutorial letters that have narrative context now show it correctly.
  • Heimerdinger’s level-up mission in the tutorial now progresses correctly by killing spiders.
  • Fixed some post-departure delays for optional tutorials.
  • Optional tutorials now grant the due amount of EXP.
  • Suspicious Character visual effects now play correctly when it comes into play.
  • The visual effects of the Sentence Vision ability, Destroy, are now correctly displayed on the cards in your hand.

If you want to review details about cards and decks, you can also access the official Legends of Runeterra on the patch notes.

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