Aggro Deck for Lucian y Zed – Top Aggro Deck

This Legends of Runeterra deck is a mix of Aggro , Tempo and Combo . This deck is in the Runeterra top decks because the general idea is for Lucian to see the Zed Living Shadow clones die in battle . Smaller units kill enemies, while protecting their two main champions. Other cards are there to improve your allies, while counteracting spells and harmful effects.

Deck Aggro Lucian / Zed

With Lucian and Zed on the battlefield, your goal is to get them to level up as quickly as possible by intelligently blocking their attackers with your expendable followers.

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How to play Lucian / Zed’s aggro deck

Those like Fleetfeather Tracker are great for early play, since can attract enemies to eliminate threats , but they can also be good at eliminating them at will, allowing Lucian to level up faster. The nerf of Fleetfeather Tracker’s challenger skill is a bit shocking, but it remains a strong opening save.

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Most of the spells here are improvement cards to use with Zed , or the Zed Live Shadows. These include, among others, Stand Alone, Back To Back and Laurent Bladekeeper. Leveling up Zed will give spells like Ghost and Prismatic Barrier to his clones.

As for the spells and followers that benefit Lucian’s ability, seeks to play cards such as Silent Shadowseer, Single Combat and Judgment for death triggers , as well as benefit spells for Lucian and Senna, Sentinel of Light. The rest of the deck are elimination spells, such as Deny, that are there to prevent your opponent from destroying your cards in your deck.

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How to beat Lucian / Zed aggro deck

If you can contain the enemy units on the board, you should be able to get some answers sooner rather than later. Do not commit too much to the champions and followers, since it is likely that you simply feed on the Lucian machine . Letters like Revenge can stop Lucian and Zed’s efforts.

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Mazo Lucian and Zed in action:

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