Aggro Deck – Shadow Isles and Noxus

Legends of Runeterra has an infinite number of possibilities and each deck we build will be a world apart. If yours is a long game oriented style of play, this aggro deck of the Shadow Isles and Noxus is one that you can not miss trying.

Basically we will have to balance the pressure generated by champions like Elise and Darius . During the early game we will have to wear quickly, with the plague of spiders that can be achieved and the impossibility of your opponent to block all your attackers.

Stay tuned and don’t let him get big threats. For this you will have at your disposal the Noxian Guillotine , which combined with other wear spells can end even the most annoying champions in the game.

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Your Black Spear will also be an unbearable weapon for your opponent, since your little spiders will fall at all times, which will end up meaning an advantage in the long term.

The composition of the mallet would be as follows:

Shadow Isles Noxus
Hapless Aristocrat x1Precious Pet x3
Arachnoid Horror x2Legion Rearguard x1
Elise x3House Spider x3
Vile Feast x3Brothers’ Bond x3
Glimpse Beyond x1Whirling Death x1
Black Spear x2Noxian Guillotine x1
Frenzied Skitterer x3Might x1
Rhasa, the Sunderer x2Culling Strike x2
Commander Ledros x1Crowd Favorite x2
Darius x2

The idea of ​​this deck is that at the time of gathering the 6 mana crystals , you already have the enemy nexus in 10 points or less. If you have not achieved it, it is possible that in a few shifts you will achieve this goal.

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Once you have accomplished this and have Darius in your hands, the pressure level will be almost impossible to bear. Not to mention for those cases in which you are able to summon to Commander Ledros or Rhasa the Sunderer.

If you don’t think you have all the destructive power you would like, you can always replace some spell with Revenge and thus ensure you eliminate some annoying invocation without major inconvenience.

Of course, you must remember that against some mallets in particular, your strategy can be disarmed by a spell gate, which will leave you naked and without gems to react.

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We hope that this deck of the Shadow Isles and Noxus has been to your liking.

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