Aggro Deck White Sharks – Top Aggro Deck

The Shark deck is for aggro lovers who want to get out of control and finish the game early. There is a big drawback in this Legends of Runeterra top deck , and this happens if things don’t work out. Running out of strength and the enemy is likely to change your turns. Nevertheless! Don’t let this put you off. Secure the mulligan and get the right combos.

Mulligan is important with this deck . You’ll want to look for Souvenirs and 2 mana cost cards; The latter should not be too complicated. Then it is about designing your board with many disposable units, hitting face to face, trading whenever possible and, hopefully, that your Lucian will witness everything.

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Top Aggro Deck – White Sharks

Shadow IslesDemacia
2 x Fading Memories3 x Fleetfeather Tracker
2 x Ravenous Butcher3 x Lucian
2 x Stirred Spirits3 x Vanguard Redeemer
3 x Cursed Keeper2 x Back to Back
3 x Glimpse Beyond3 x Remembrance
3 x Haunted Relic
3 x Shark Chariot
2 x Soul Shepherd
1 x Black Spear
2 x Phantom Prankster
3 x Hecarim

Make sure you put Lucian on the right side of your bank, so that it levels during combat . The goal is to ensure your level skill, drop a Hecarim on the board and further pressure your opponent with the ephemeral units of the rider.

It’s easy to rush your turn with an aggro deck, but take the time to consider the best combo or trade. Especially when you have your Challenger or Last Breath units on the board .

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To play this deck, log in to the Legends of Runeterra client, open your Collection and click on “Decks.” Click on ‘Import Deck’ and paste the cover import code below and then save it.


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