Control Deck – Top Warmother Control

This deck of Legends of Runeterra , created by Hewitt Benson, combines the Regions of the Shadow Islands and Freljord . The Shadow Islands can provide a powerful elimination for your enemy’s units, while Freljord offers large units to force your opponent to make suboptimal plays .

Control deck – Warmother control

FreljordShadow Isles
3 x Avarosan Sentry3 x Vile Feast
3 x Wyrding Stones2 x Withering Wail
3 x Avalanche3 x Grasp of the Undying
3 x Catalyst of Aeons3 x Vengeance
3 x Avarosan Hearthguard3 x The Ruination
3 x Anivia
3 x Tryndamere
3 x She Who Wanders
2 x Warmother’s Call

Warmother’s Call is a vital piece in this deck , which allows you to get extreme long-term value if you can afford the 12 mana in the late game. The high cost you will have to spend on the Warmother Call will pay dividends if you get a lot of copies of Tryndamere on the board. Use the likes of Vile Feast early to get rid of enemy units and Wyrding Stones to increase your mana to reach your highest value cards faster.

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Later in the game, Vengeance and The Ruination can be excellent recovery cards , capable of saving you before a more aggressive enemy finishes you, and after that, your control game plan can begin to drown its remaining value.

To play this deck, log in to the Legends of Runeterra client, open its Collection and click on “Decks.” Click on ‘Import deck’ and paste the import code from the cover below and then save it.

Deck ID, copy to import directly into the game : CEBAQAIBAMGBIGBBE4UTIBABAUAQ6KBWAIAQCBI5AEAQCFYA

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